Alex is an Atlanta based artist specializing in illustration and character design. Graduating from the award winning Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), he has since worked to establish hiself all across America as a talented Illustrator and creative. Some of his clients have included Coca Cola, Washington Life Magazine and The National Institute of Standards and Technology. He was most recently featured in VoyageATL’s as one of Atlanta’s top up and coming creatives.  


By growing up in different parts of the world such as Tanzania, Cameroon, Australia, Thailand and many more, Alex has learned a lot about different cultures and incorporates their trait into his projects. Drawing influence from urban African settings, contemporary American and European art, and Japanese media have given birth to his expressive art and style of visual storytelling.

  "I think one of my defining traits as an artist is my attention to detail. I spare a lot effort to drawing details that may not be the focus of my work, but, are important to supporting it's focus and give my work an authentic atmosphere that the viewer recognizes from real life" 


- Alex


Alex constantly strives for a high standard, engaging in projects that demand high attention to detail, accuracy and the need to convey a bold statement.