Featured Project

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Rocket's Garage

Concept art of a garage on a distant moon run by a group of young scrappy mechanics who build awesome spaceships.

Internal Engine

Human Organs drawn as engine parts. A reflection of the amazing machines we are.

girls Who Kick Ass

A variety of character art of awesome, kick ass, girls from video games, comics and other media.


PAnda State

Explore the many sites that Washington DC has to offer, with pandas, in this fun mural installed in the Mosaic District Fairfax County, VA


CHaracter Sheets

A collection of character breakdowns, turnarounds, expressions and art designed for pre production in TV, animation, gaming and comics.

NyA's Phantom Limb

A Character Study of an amputee, Nya. This project was made to show the perspective of what it feels, specifically what phantom limb feels, like to from the perspective of an amputee.  


Ink portraits

Photo reference ink portraits made on commission. 

Gnome MAil

The amazing journey of gnomes delivering mail across the world on this amazingly long mural.

Graphic Art

Graphic art used for promos, web, apparel, album art, decals and posters.