Panda State

The Panda State Mural was commissioned by the Eden's real estate group and installed at Mosaic District shopping center.


Feature 1

The Mural was commission by the Edens Real Estate in October 2015 and was installed the following month in the Mosaic District shopping and dinning complex. The mural features pandas, DC's animal mascot, running, biking, pedaling, visiting and taking pictures around the capital in familiar ways DC natives are familiar.  There are over 20 DC landmarks including the White House, Roosevelt Island and Smithsonian zoo capturing the unique feel and culture one of the most iconic cities in the world.

This Mural stands at over 19 ft tall and 18 ft wide. Some of the pandas are as tall as your kids.

It was designed do the anyone walking by could not only interact with the mural and take pictures but would always find something new they didn't see before. There a lot of fun and hidden things in there. 


Panda State Mural is located at the exit next to Swirl & Sip.

Make sure to take a picture and use the tag #Pandastate on social media



Mosaic District

112 District Ave

Fairfax, VA 22031